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Precise Diagnostics with Modern BioChemical Testing

State-of-the art functional medicine tests and interpretation with complete treatment plans

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Virtual Sessions

We are open for virtual telemedicine services

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Emotional and Behavioral RePatterning

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Emotional Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique


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Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue Diagnostic and Reversal

Complete Programs designed for your individual situation

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Nutri-Genetic and
Epi-Genetic Testing and Consulting

Clinically accurate and practical DNA/Genetic testing and Lifestyle Planning

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Nootropics and Brain Performance

Boost your brain performance, focus, attention, creativity and imagination with out state-of-the-art nootropic stacking designed for your individual situation

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Anxiety and Depression Relief

Multi-disciplinary approach to mental health related issues. Functional medicine diagnostics, neurotransmitters evaluation, NLP, NET, nutrition, and more

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Acupuncture, Cupping, Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chronic and acute Pain Relief

Energy Balancing

Chronic Conditions

Five Elements Acupuncture


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Cold Laser Pain Relief

Inflammation and Pain Relief

Packages available for:

Joint pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golf elbow, plantar fasciitis, bunions,  nail fungus, thumb pain, sport injuries.